Are Sealed Batteries a Good Option for Golf Carts?

Sealed Batteries

Are you wondering whether AGM batteries – also known as sealed batteries – are good for your golf cart? Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are a nice option for golf cart owners since it removes the pain of having to fill your batteries with water. We aim to discuss how an AGM batteries work and review some of their pros and cons.

AGM batteries are designed to wick the battery electrolytes between the battery plates and have a liquid to keep the mat wet with the electrolytes. In case the battery is broken, the liquid will not leak out. This technology became famous in the 1980s. This was then referred to as sealed lead acid batteries that were used for military aircraft and vehicles. The primary reason to use these batteries was to improve the reliability of the battery and decrease the weight at the same time. To understand more about AGM batteries, then continue on reading through this article.

How AGM Batteries Work

AGM batteries have thin glass fibers that are woven into the mat to increase the surface area. This is great for holding the electrolytes in the cells for a longer lifetime. The battery has sulfuric acid that can be absorbed by the fiberglass mat. The fibers that form the fine glass mat does not impact the acidic electrolyte. The mats are wrung 2 to 5% after they are soaked in the acids. This makes the battery spill-proof and enables the battery to be shipped without hazardous material limitations. The plates are created flat similar to the lead- battery.

Moreover, the AGM batteries are able to deliver high currents with service for longer periods. This is because it is capable of low internal resistance. The battery offers a great electrical reliability, and it is lighter in weight than the standard lead-acid battery.

The AGM battery topping typically needs to be changed after every 6 months. This is to avoid the buildup of sulfation on the plates. They can last for longer periods before it becomes essential to charge them. This battery has the capability to work great in low temperatures and has a lower self-discharge.

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Furthermore, the AGM batteries are sensitive to overcharging. For charging the AGM battery 2.40 or higher voltage per cell is typically recommended. To increase the battery life of the AGM battery it is crucial to follow the charging specifications. This is why a voltage regulated charger is advised to use. Be aware that your golf cart probably does not have a voltage regulated charging system.

Advantages of Using AGM Batteries

AGM batteries is a good option to be used in golf carts. There are numerous reasons and advantages for this. A few of the advantages include:

  • The AGM battery is capable of fast charging, almost 5 times faster
  • It provides a depth-of-discharge of 80%
  • The size of the battery is mid-sized and ranges from 30 to 100Ah
  • The batteries are spill-proof thanks to its acid encapsulation
  • AGM batteries are resistant to vibrations
  • They are less likely to have sulfation build up
  • It has fewer electrolytes
  • This battery works well in cold temperatures

Disadvantages of AGM Batteries

Few of the disadvantages are:

  • AGM batteries manufacturing cost is more than flooded lead-acid batteries
  • They are sensitive to overcharging
  • It must be stored in charged condition
  • Reduced life-span in hotter climates
  • May not have the range of a lead acid battery

Therefore, AGM batteries are a great option for use in golf carts. This is because they offer high currents and are also spill-proof. You don’t have to worry about the buildup of sulfation and you also do not have to worry about watering the batteries. For most people, watering lead acid batteries on a monthly basis is a hated task. In addition, so many individuals improperly maintain their water level in the batteries and destroy them. However, if you decide to make the switch to AGM batteries, you just have to keep in mind that it may use a different charging system than the one that came with your golf cart. Buying a new charger in addition to the cost of AGM batteries will become a hefty bill.

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