The Climate Caddy – Add Comfort to Your Round of Golf

Our love for the game of golf is palpable, and for most of the country, you can only play a few short months of the year. However, what if there was a way you could add an extra month or two to your season? Or better, what if you could make that cold or hot day on the course a tad bit more enjoyable? Well, thanks to a newly released product from Climate Caddy, all of that is within reach.

We were able to get a chance to test out the 2017 PGA Show Winner for “Top Buyers Choice Award” called the Climate Caddy. We have tried several other heaters and coolers in the past and most of them work with minimal success. Some units that work okay can cost over $1000 and only offer cold or heating features. This is why the Climate Caddy is a unique proposition. It has both heating and cooling features via a fan at a quarter of the cost. Not to mention, you can install it yourself if you would like.

So, let’s talk about installation. One downside with the Climate Caddy is that you’ll have to give up one cupholder. That still leaves three left but some golfers love to have multiple beverages while golfing. Once installed into the cupholder, we have to wire the unit in. Wiring is fairly straightforward as it runs along the floorboard between the seats and connects to the batteries using alligator clips. This is nice since you do not have to disconnect any battery terminals to install the Climate Caddy. Messing with battery terminals should be left to a professional. Once it is all hooked up, the Climate Caddy does the rest!

Now that we have it installed, how well does it work? The heating element works fairly well. It will not heat up your entire golf cart like a fireplace would, but it definitely adds a few degrees of warmness. My favorite use was to warm up my hands. Having my hands warm before I take a stroke is such an important advantage for golfing.

The cooling feature is essentially a fan. It does not function like an AC, but that did not bother us. There are only a one or two cooling options for golf carts and they cost upward of $1200. Therefore, the ability to have a fan to cool you off is a nice addition to a heater. It creates that cooling breeze to help reduce your sweat on a hot summer day.

Our favorite feature was the sensor on the unit. It automatically turns itself off saving battery life and then turns itself back on when you get back into the cart. In other heating or cooling systems, if you left them on, then they would continue to run and drain the heck out of your batteries.

Overall, for the cost and upside, we really enjoy the climate caddy for our golfing experience. If you live in a state in the northern US and own a golf cart, then this is something you should have to add rounds of golf to your already short season of golfing weather.