3 Tips for Finding a Service Dealer for Your Golf Cart

Finding a solid service dealer can be difficult at times in the Golf Cart Industry. In quite a few ways it’s similar to finding a good auto mechanic. There are a plethora of great dealers out there, however, we would like to provide you with some quick and helpful details on some good ways to determine whether or not you can rely on them for service and parts.

Find Reviews for the Service Dealer

There are a few signs that can give you a hint into the inner workings of a golf cart dealer. A good first step is to try and find reviews online, however, some golf cart dealers do not have a strong presence online. The next step would be to visit their website since, in today’s world, their website is almost more important than the actual store. Be aware not to determine everything based on their website as most golf cart dealers may be a bit behind the times.

Call and Visit the Service Dealer

The next steps would be to call and visit their actual store. When you call, be sure to ask questions that pinpoint to direct knowledge of golf carts. Feel free to use any of our resources and articles to confirm what they say. Upon visiting, check your gut and talk to several of the personnel to get comfortable with doing business with them.

Extra Note: A good sign of a qualified dealer is their cleanliness and organization as a store.

Manufacturer Representation

There are a number of golf cart dealers that refurbish golf carts without having ties to any one particular manufacturer. This is one way they get into the business, and there are quite a few good ones out there, however, be more skeptical when approaching a dealer without manufacturer representation. Manufacturer representation almost acts as a validation tool. If they sell for one of the larger golf cart manufacturers, then it typically means they have been vetted by the manufacturer and plan to be in business for the long term

If you are in the market for finding a service dealer, then we can provide a valuable tool– we have made a dealer locator based upon manufacturer representation. There, you can find and locate golf cart dealers near you that already have manufacturer representation. As always, we appreciate our readers and want to provide assistance whenever we can. Feel free to reach out in the comments below or email us with your questions.