7 Great Reasons To Drive Your Golf Cart More Often

reasons to drive your golf cart more

If you have the pleasure of owning a golf cart, then I’m sure most of you know how much fun they are to cruise around the neighborhood or town in. I know for myself, any chance I get to drive my golf cart, I take it – and living in Palm Springs allows me to take advantage of it quite often. Alas, in case you need more convincing even after having the experience for yourself (or you’re a first time buyer having trouble convincing “The Mrs” that you need to purchase that sweet, screaming red Club Car with a 6 inch lift kit and 650 amp curtis controller), here are 7 great reasons to drive your golf cart more often – or purchase one for those of you who identify with the latter situation.

1) You’ll Save Money

There aren’t many people in the world that couldn’t use some extra money. And, the truth is the more you drive your golf cart the more you’ll save. Operating an electric golf cart, even with battery replacement factored in, costs much less than operating your car. While the range of a charge is usually equivalent to driving two 18-hole rounds, your cart is an ideal vehicle for short trips and errands. There is a surprising amount of room for “stuff” and you can park it in very small spaces. Best of all, when you plug in the charger before retiring, you wake up to a full “tank” every day. Your trusty steed is ready to take you where you need to go.

2) Driving An Electric Golf Cart Saves Energy

Why stand at the pump complaining when you can turn the key and get on your way guilt-free and probably spend no more than the change already in your pocket. The cost for a barrel of oil seems to keep rising yet charging your cart can even cost less than it used to because of the increased use of solar power in individual homes. An electric cart provides reliable transportation without the use of gasoline. That should keep both the environmentalists that campaign about the increased use of fossil fuels and electric cart owners happy.

3) Golf Carts Speed Up Play

There is a reason most private and public courses now require the use of a golf cart. Very simply, the use of carts dramatically speeds up play over walking with a pull cart.  Those who want the exercise of walking 18 holes can let their playing partner drive while they follow the cart up the fairway. The added speed of completing rounds has even coined the phrase “cart golf,” where partners hit very close to each other and can exit the cart hitting two follow-up shots without pushing the pedal. Besides a shorter round, the cart also can include the added benefits of cup holders, storage and a roof to minimize sun exposure. You can even enjoy your favorite music if you equip your cart with a sound system.

4) You Can Use Your Cart For More Than Golf

Your cart makes an excellent vehicle for trips to recreation facilities in your neighborhood and frequently visited spots like the grocery store, the doctor or dentist’s office, the post office and the bank. PGA West in La Quinta, CA is even building an outdoor drive-in movie theater exclusively for golf carts. Think of the potential uses, then delight in the fact that your cart is an energy-efficient low-cost mode of transportation for all of them.

5) They Are Becoming Much Easier To Take Places

Most gated retirement communities and other gated residential enclaves have private streets, so carts are normally allowed to be driven anywhere without street-legal additions like a license plate, headlights and taillights, seat belts and directional signals. While these are nice additions to any cart, they are normally not required for travel on private streets.  The Villages in Florida is probably the largest cart-oriented community, with an estimated 43,000 carts inside the community. Many homes are offered with special cart garages that can accommodate a charging station. Residents drive to shop, visit the community recreation facilities, and stop to check-in with a neighbor. And, oh yes, they take their carts to play golf, although many of the carts are owned and operated by non-golfers. Recently, many smaller towns and cities have made special arrangements for cart lanes on the public streets, so an owner can take their cart almost anywhere they can drive their car. Every year more and more golf cart destinations are created.

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6) This Is A Way You Can Maintain Your Independence

As people age, their vision and reaction times can be diminished. In some cases, the individual can no longer pass the test for a driver’s license. Because driving a golf cart does not require a license, these people can regain their freedom to go places within their community without imposing themselves on family and friends for transportation. The cost factor is also a benefit when it comes to people now living on a fixed income. Whether you play golf or not, regaining your independence is a significant contributor to an enhanced lifestyle. Go where you want and pay less to get there…what a concept.

7) Driving A Cart Is Plain And Simple Fun

Why do people spend extra for a convertible automobile? They like the feeling of open-air motoring and a balmy breeze in their face. Golf carts offer the same exhilarating feeling, but at a speed slow enough to really enjoy the passing view. Sitting behind the wheel makes a person feel free and more in touch with nature. Plus, a cart is easy to drive, easy to make a tight turn, easy to park and quick to attract admirable attention. Owners now can add numerous custom features and body styles to provide a highly personalized experience. If you have a luxury vehicle like a Porsche, Ferrari, Cadillac, Mercedes or Lincoln in your garage, chances are you can find a look-alike luxury cart. In addition, some states have even opened nature trails used by hikers and equestrians to the low-speed golf cart.

So, drive your cart more.  Where else can you have a very enjoyable experience getting somewhere and saving both money and the environment in the bargain?

Ken is a veteran of the golf industry, with experience in golf course operations, country club marketing, tournament staging (including the nationally televised ProStakes) and too many mis-hit shots to count. He has been writing since he could hold a pen and has been published in numerous national and industry publications. Ken has worked on projects with PGA pros like Jack Nicklaus, Peter Jacobsen, Fuzzy Zoeller, Chi Chi Rodriguez and Craig Stadler.