Club Car to be Part of Ingersoll Rand’s Agenda at 2018 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Industrials Conference

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Club Car Onward

SWORDS, IRELAND – Ingersoll Rand, a company designed to advance the quality of life, is going to discuss the company’s long term strategy at the 2018 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Industrial Conference on March 21, 2018 in London.

The said event will be conducted by the senior vice president and chief financial officer of Ingersoll Rand plc, (NYSE:IR), Susan K. Carter, around 9:40 AM BST in London.

Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), together with their partner companies include:

They are focusing on working together hand in hand to elevate the quality of lifestyle of families in terms of air in home and building, increase productivity/efficiency in terms of industrial matters, and transport perishable food in a good condition.

This $14 billion dollar global business is a group of companies that creates and provide a comfortable, sustainable, and efficient environment. One of the companies that could provide sustainable progress with an assuring end result is Club Car.

A company acquired by Ingersoll Rand in 1995, Club Car, an exceptional golf cart manufacturer, is on the run to provide families a convenient way of transportation that fits into their lifestyle. This is definitely notable with the release of the new Onward.

Its worldwide distribution extends to over 350 distributors and dealers, and it is known for superior performance, intricate design branding, and quality.

Club Car has been operational for over 50 years and with this year’s conference organized by Ingersoll Rand, the usage and proliferation of golf carts is of utmost importance in their discussions.

The said event is available via live webcast, which can be streamed officially at the Ingersoll Rand’s website: An archive of the webcast will be made available 30 days following the event.