In a “colorful” fashion, Yamaha has unveiled their brand new 2020 Yamaha Drive2 PTV vehicles this week featuring never-before-seen colors for the Golf Car Industry. Alongside that, the Yamaha Drive2 has additional features not seen on some of the other major golf cart brands out there. The Yamaha Golf Car Company has a rich history and is well grounded with dealers across the nation. Before we dive too much into some of the beneficial Yamaha golf cart features, let’s take a look at these sparkling new colors.

2020 Arctic Drift Yamaha Golf CartArctic Drift Yamaha Golf Cart

Providing a subtle feeling of trust and honesty that has been instilled into the Yamaha golf cart brand, the first ever factory matte finish of Arctic Drift is clearly meant for those who pride themselves on the appearance of wearing a Navy Blue Suit. The calm, cooling effect of the Arctic Drift matte finish is meant for those who want to gracefully glide across the course and streets with their head held high.

2020 Atomic Flame Yamaha Golf Cart

Atomic Flame Yamaha Golf Cart

Among the new colors, this has to be my personal favorite. For those looking to make a statement on the course and street, driving around in this golf cart is bound to distract those in pursuit of a lowered handicap. In fact, this Yamaha Drive2 PTV decked out in an Atomic Flame fashion might lower your handicap from an extra dose of golfing confidence.

2020 Mica Matte Yamaha Golf CartMica Matte Yamaha Golf Cart

With the automotive industry shifting into more matte colors than metallic, it makes perfect sense for those looking to make the choice to choose the Mica matte finish to correspond with their car. It is a flexible color that allows for a myriad of wheel combos and decals to please any golf cart owner.

2020 Graphite Yamaha Golf CartGraphite Yamaha Golf Cart

If you like to see your cart glimmer in the sun, then the Graphite metallic finish is the color for you. This finish is contains a simple yet classy elegance to its appearance that is not done justice through pictures. As the Graphite finish strolls down the street, the sun sparkles off its surface showing off the true meaning of a metallic finish. Be sure to see it in properly lighting before making a firm decision on your color choice.

2020 Bronze Metallic Yamaha Golf CartMica Metallic Yamaha Golf Cart

If you like the Atomic Flame however you feel it is a bit too flashy, then the Mica Metallic finish is a great compromise. While containing all the qualities of a metallic finish without a feel of a basic neutral color, the Mica Metallic is the ideal choice for those looking to stand out in the crowd without making a flashy statement.

Consumers love the variety of color options when it comes to their purchases, and the Yamaha Golf Car Company knew that when they went into the development of their new 2020 Drive2 vehicle. Tom McDonald, President of Yamaha Golf-Car Company put it best by saying, “These new colors, especially the first-ever factory matte finish on a fleet car, furthers the legacy of innovation that is Yamaha—giving courses and retail customers more ways to stand out than ever before.”

Mechanized windshield hinges (left) and Upgradeable LED Headlights & LED Logo (right)

2020 Yamaha Drive2 Features

There are a number of features available on the new 2020 Yamaha golf cart, however I wanted to highlight a few that stood out initially to us and some of the other key features that Yamaha has been able to claim for quite some time. Here are a few that I’d recommend checking out in comparison to other golf carts you might take a look at:

  • Mechanized windshield hinges
  • Most Occupant Space
  • Widest Contoured Seat
  • Automotive Style Dash for multiple accessory options (includes 2 USB Chargers)
  • Digital Dash Display
  • Upgradeable LED Headlights & LED Logo
  • Standard 4-year limited vehicle warranty

Okay, okay, I get that the “mechanized windshield hinges” can come across quite boring, however this is a big deal! Golf Cart windshield hinges are known to deteriorate over time and break. And from those that have had to replace a windshield know they can cost more than the windshield on your car sometimes. Therefore, I think this hinge shows the level of detail Yamaha is doing when listening to the consumer’s problems. If Yamaha is paying attention to this, then I’d like to believe they are looking at other reliability details in suspension and powertrain components.

The main cabin of the Yamaha Drive systems has been friendly on multiple fronts. For larger individuals and those looking for more seating space, the Yamaha Drive vehicles offer lots of space for your head and rear end to result in an extremely comfortable ride around the course. In addition, with an automotive style dash, there are numerous accessories that can be incorporated to pair with your personal preference of storage or display gauges. You’ll also be safe if you forget to charge your phone the night before a round of golf since this dash includes USB ports for ideal cell phone charging.

For those looking to spruce up the look of their ride at dusk, Yamaha has some great options of LED headlights and even an LED logo. I really like the classy elegance the LED Yamaha logo has as you drive down the street. Definitely something to take a look at.

Yamaha Gas & Electric Golf Cart

Sounding good so far? If so, maybe it’s time to check out the trade-in value of your current golf cart and consider looking at some new Yamaha golf carts for sale.


The Yamaha QUIETECH® EFI powered golf cart is known to be the quietest gas golf cart around due to an industry-first with their independent rear end suspension. With a 357 cc engine, Yamaha gas golf carts are known for their reliability and gas golf cart lovers are a loyal group. For a soft and quiet gas ride, this Yamaha Drive2 golf cart is tough to beat.


If you prefer an electric version, then the Yamaha POWERTECH AC system is available as well. Utilizing a Toyota controller with 350 amps, the Yamaha AC system gives you the power needed from playing golf to climbing up inclines on hills. The AC motor and controller are given power via a 48 volt system comprised of 6-8 volt batteries.

Learn more about the new Yamaha Drive2

With the unveiling of new colors this week for the 2020 Yamaha Drive2 PTV, we wanted some great photos of these sharp new colors, however this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of specifications, features & benefits. If you’d like to learn more, then check out to see more details. You can even build your own online if you would like.

Sidenote: It doesn’t appear the new colors are available on their main site yet, however they unveiled these colors this week so an update should be coming soon.

Be sure to check out our reviews and if you already own one, be sure to leave a review as well.

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