How Much is a Golf Cart? 2021 Golf Cart Prices Guide

how Much should I pay for a golf cart

Overall, Golf Cart prices can range anywhere between $1,000 for a Used Golf Cart and $18,000+ for a high-end New Golf Cart. We go more in-depth on the price break-down below.

Current Golf Cart Prices

Price-Range is based on popular Makes & Models from our Golf Carts for Sale section here on (This list was last Updated on 09-22-21)

Club Car Golf Cart Prices (View All Club Car Golf Carts for Sale)

Overall Price-Range for Club Car: $2,995 – $18,804

Club Car Precedent Price Range

$4,400 (Year 2011) – $13,595 (Year 2019)

Club Car DS Price Range

$2,995 (Year 1990) – $9,999 (Year 2013)

Club Car Onward Price Range

$8,995 (Year 2019) – $18,804 (Year 2022)

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Prices (View All E-Z-GO Golf Carts for Sale)

Overall Price-Range for Brand: $3,800 – $18,269

E-Z-GO RXV Price Range

$5,300 (Year 2017) – $12,400 (Year 2021)

E-Z-GO TXT Price Range

$3,800 (Year 2005) – $13,495 (Year 2021)

E-Z-GO Express Price Range

$8,249 (Year 2015) – $18,269 (Year 2022)

Yamaha Golf Cart Prices (View All Yamaha Golf Carts for Sale)

Overall Price-Range for Brand: $1,300 – $9,995

Yamaha Drive/Drive2 Price Range

$5,495 (Year 2013) – $17,995 (Year 2017)

Yamaha G-Series Price Range

$3,495 (Year 2000) – $6,250 (Year 2001)

Many individuals that are looking into purchasing golf carts are usually surprised by the price points at which golf carts can cost. Since there is really no unified Kelly Blue Book (KBB) or Nada valuation guide like you could find in the automobile industry, it can be difficult to find true valuations sometimes for what to sell or pay for a golf cart. This was actually one of the main drives in the creation of Golf Cart Resource. Spending so many years in the industry without a unified resource for consumers to go to and learn more about golf carts.

So, how much should you pay for a golf cart?

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic of golf cart worths and valuations. The common misconnection is that golf carts are relatively inexpensive. Let’s face it, for the basic golf cart on a golf course without any accessories, safety related items, or color options, they ARE relatively inexpensive.

However, when looking to purchase a golf cart for traveling around a neighborhood or community, many individuals usually have quite the sticker shock on the first visit to their local golf car dealership. The reason why golf carts can seem expensive is because of the additional items they include for safety reasons. These additional add ons such as headlights, brake lights, turn signals, seat belts and other items are not typically installed at a manufacturing plant. They are typically installed at the dealership themselves which costs a bit more due to manual labor costs and part costs.

So, now that we have a bit of a background on golf carts on a golf course (fleet vehicles) versus a golf cart used for transportation within a community (typically referred to as a PTV or LSV), we can discuss how golf carts get valued.

While without a unified Kelly Blue Book Value (KBB) or Nada guide for golf carts, we have built a valuation tool for golf carts to help put you in the right ballpark. With your help, we will continually improve our golf cart valuation tool and reviews for golf carts to help you, the consumer, have proper information to drive your decisions.

If you find yourself with any questions or feedback, then please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us. Your feedback is valuable to us as it helps us provide better information to you.

The Golf Cart industry itself is a little behind the times when compared to cars, however, as stated earlier, with your help, we can help provide a transparent view to help the entire market.


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