What are my state's golf cart laws

So you want to know your state’s golf cart laws? Great! If you are in the market for purchasing a golf car for use around your community or local establishment, then you have no doubt run into the issue of discovering the legal requirements for owning such a vehicle. Each State within the US has a variation of laws pertaining to the use of Golf Carts, Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV), and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV).  

To help aid in this confusion for State by State Requirements for Golf Carts, we have developed an interactive map for you to see what your state requires for a Golf Cart to be driven on the street. Click here to find your state’s golf cart laws.

Some states require Golf Carts to be registered while others do not. Some States require headlights, brake lights, and a horn while others only require a windshield. All in all, it is important to always check your local authority for laws pertaining operating a golf cart on the street since some local ordinances will overall State law. For instance, Palm Desert, CA, allows for the use of Golf Carts on streets that does not follow the State Law. This is why it is important to check with local authorities as well as State Law.

In addition, there are vehicles considered LSVs and NEVs that may look like golf carts, however, they have features that make them safer for driving on the streets.

Learn if the vehicle is a Golf Cart, LSV, or NEV by clicking here.