3 Men Jump on Golf Cart Roof to Evade Police

Photo Credit: www.wildcat.arizona.edu

ARIZONA – It will definitely be an unforgettable Spring Fling this year for the three men who were charged with trespassing in Hillenbrand Aquatic Center. These three ninja-like men were caught jumping on the roof of a golf cart to escape from the scene and the local police.

The police were dispatched around the area after getting a report that an unknown suspect had activated the motion detector alarm.

Officers from the University of Arizona Police Department witnessed the evasion upon arrival to the premises. The first man was caught jumping over a wall where he ended up landing on the roof of a University of Arizona golf cart. Once on top of the golf cart, he then jumped to the ground.

The second man attempted to do the same thing where he jump onto the golf cart’s roof, but unfortunately slipped and hit his face on the cart’s roof. The second suspect then stood up and climbed off the roof.

However, the third man managed to jump from the wall then to the roof of the golf cart and finally to the ground.

All of them were apprehended by the police. The officers learned none of them were affiliated with the University of Arizona, however, one of them attended Tucson High School. The trio gave their statement that they were on campus that evening for Spring Fling.

Right after the carnival, these men decided to go out for a pizza and while eating, they heard the other men inside Hillenbrand Aquatic Center diving into the pool. After noticing the police officers had arrived, the men attempted to jump over the wall.

These men were noticed to have not been wearing any shoes but were fully clothed. There was even no sign that they were in a pool, however the three of them were charged with trespassing.

Original story found on www.wildcat.arizona.edu