An Old E-Z-GO Golf Cart Survives Several Theft Attempts

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STAMFORD, CT – About $1,000 worth of damages have been made to the bandit’s all-time favorite E-Z-GO golf cart. The seemingly old cart was stolen a couple of times and includes an incident report of theft where it was found at a pond and other varied incidents .

The current reported incident was caught on a CCTV that happened around 11:30 PM last Thursday, March 15. It took place in front of Zody’s Restaurant at Sterling Farms where the golf cart is used by employees to do maintenance work in the area.

A man who had with him a rope was about to tie and drag the golf cart with his F-150 pickup, however he found out that the rope was too short. He backed up his car and continued his plan of larceny, however he went home empty handed as the rope slipped off the golf cart and left it behind.

The incidents left a dumbfounded impression on the employees at Sterling Farms Golf Course. This golf cart is the worst one on the course, however it remains to be the target for “buggy bandits”. As to why it has been targeted by thieves so often is a question that remains unanswered.

The cart is still tied to a chain on a rock, however it is not in good shape and now lacks a steering wheel. The people in the area even refer to the cart as “Frankenstein” for its amazing ability to keep coming back to life after multiple attempts of stealing it.

You can find the original news clip here.

The Stamford Police is welcoming information regarding the incident and can be contacted at 203-977-4407.