Are Golf Cart Taxis Going to be a New Trend?

Golf Cart Taxis

This era has made transportation conveniently available by hailing a cab virtually. The rise of Uber and Lyft has been applauded for its next level convenience, reliable ride availability, and most importantly, prioritizing passenger’s safety. With all these ride sharing services, another vehicle platform is making its way into the market. The introduction of Uber-like golf carts is starting to become a normal service in certain areas.

In Siesta Key Beach at Florida, you can find an operational taxi ride service via golf carts. Johnny’s Original Free Rides is the first company in the area to offer free transportation via golf carts. It has been owned by Jonathan Freed and Brenda Anderton since 2010.

They utilize their golf carts around Siesta Key, offering rides through the north-end of the Siesta Key Village and continuing onto Turtle beach in the south. People have access to all three beaches and other attractions, shops, and restaurants. All of this can be accessed between the time of 10 am to 2 am, and it is all free – they operate off of tips only.

Just like booking a cab, the service of this golf cart taxi includes pick-up and drop-off. In addition, Jonny’s Original Free Rides actually offer delivery services for restaurants and groceries all for the price of tips.

The golf cart taxi/shuttle service is also available for bridal parties and beach weddings. It is great for social gatherings and parties, however customers need to make a pre-booking for their personal shuttle service.

Golf cart taxis are not only limited to the island though.  This new, enjoyable ride service has made its way into urban areas. FreeRide is another a free shuttle service found around Short North, Downtown Columbus and the surrounding campus area.

It started its operation in 2017 and is designed for students. On Jan 1st, Columbus set into place a new legislature that allows golf carts to operate on streets 35 MPH or less as long as the golf cart does not exceed 25 MPH.

Nate Milliken and Micah Myers pioneered the FreeRide business and decided that golf cart ridesharing would be a good business to start in Columbus. According to Milliken they currently have 10 employees and two carts and are planning to add some more units with the busy football season approaching. Drivers of these carts earn tips and average $14 to $16 per hour despite not receiving a baseline pay.

“There’s no cap on earning potential, so what you put into it — the hours you want to put into it, and obviously your personality and how personable you are — will factor into what your tips are like,” Milliken said.

Milliken also added, “We would like to form a relationship with the university and get whatever lines we have to go through to cross there, then hopefully we’ll be able to be on campus providing students with a little different experience as far as traveling around campus or to and from wherever they want to go around town.”

This brilliant service is definitely the newest trend in transportation where it provides a fun, stylish, safe, and eco-friendly trip for people of all ages to enjoy!