Autism-friendly destination utilizes golf carts for transportation

Photo Credit: AP

Autism Golf Cart

MYRTLE BEACH, SC – Children of the Champion Autism Network (CAN) will be utilizing Golf Carts to journey the rich facilities of Myrtle Beach. With the place’s overwhelming facilities like mini-golf courses, water parks, zip-lines, and Ferris wheel, parents no longer have to worry much about their children with Autism.

The Champion Autism Network (CAN) is an organization that works toward the safety and development of children under the Autism spectrum while outside the comforts of their home. Incorporating golf carts into this movement, a convenient and enjoyable means of transportation for the kids and their guardians will be provided. A special caution and treatment for them around the place will be executed as well.

A Champion Autism Network golf cart is provided to the facility where it is decorated with vibrant and colorful puzzle pieces, a known symbol for autism. The golf cart will be sponsored by area businesses with their logo printed on the puzzle pieces and pasted onto the cart.

People or tourists visiting the area will be given a heads-up and a better understanding towards the children’s condition. The usage of golf carts will possess such sensitivity that will allow and signal the public that a family with children under the Autism spectrum is to be prioritized and be treated outstandingly.

Given the cooperation of the hotels, restaurants, and other business establishments around the area, children will experience firsthand the fun ride of the golf cart designated for their use. Another progress of this cooperation resulted to a ‘quiet room’ in Myrtle Beach airport where it is made for kids under the Autism spectrum to recover from stress caused by air travel.

CAN started last 2016 by Becky Large, Champion Autism Network founder, with the influence of her son under such spectrum. She reached out to local businesses to start offering training to assist and help children with Autism. The organization is designed to give some special treatment and more sensitivity to their needs.

CAN also includes the benefits of owning a card that would discreetly signal the family’s needs so that businesses can offer discounts and services. “They show the card and the staff will know where to seat you, how to treat you, they know it’s possible there might be some awkward social behavior.” Large said.