Baby Delivered In Golf Cart Outside Perth Hospital

MURDOCH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA – On Thursday April 12th, a newly crowned mother, Sherilyn Holloway, had plans of giving natural birth in a hospital, however her baby had other surprising plans for both of them. Phoenix John Glover-Lewis is a golf buggy baby! He was delivered in a golf cart before making it inside Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch.

Holloway and her partner Jason, who wereas riding at the back of the buggy, were caught in a CCTV arriving in front of the hospital emergency department with a hospital volunteer, Doug Bignell. In a quick interview with Bignell he said, “I raced out and said, ‘You’re alright, people are coming, everything’s fine’, and she said, ‘No, it’s not’, and bang, the baby is there.,”

The video shows the driver of the golf buggy run inside the hospital and the woman seated in the vehicle was already uneasy and starts to lift her dress. Jason then also jumps off of the golf cart buggy to comfort his partner. The 63 year old, Bignell, and Holloway’s partner then assisted Holloway with her delivery inside the golf buggy and was provided with a cover to do so.

Medical staff surrounded the vehicle outside and Holloway was wheeled onto a hospital bed heading intoside the Fiona Stanley Hospital. In an interview with Holloway, “Not something you expect to have … a completely random person be part of your birth story. He’s amazing.” After how many days, Bignell had the chance to be introduced personally to the baby boy.

Both the baby in Perth delivered in vehicles are considered uncomplicated.