Boulder City, NV Proposes Trail System for All-Terrain Vehicles

Boulder City, NV Terrain Trail

BOULDER CITY, NEVADA – CEO of the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce, Jill Rowland-Lagan, said that the proposed trail system for all-terrain vehicles could be a possible motion to address the current problems that affect the desert areas brought on by ATVs. These problems include disturbing the land and creating excessive dust.

Lagan added that the city will likely model the trail after the Paiute ATV trail in south-central Utah, which is a long loop trail that extends up to 275 miles with neither beginning nor end. It also travels through several towns and connects more than 1,000 miles of marked side trails.

Given the designated trail system, the issue regarding ATV use within 1,000 feet of residences is no longer of great concern – plus the path is accessible for everyone. Buffer zones and hiking trails could also be proposed in addition to the new trail system.

Maps will be created to help people locate the trail and how it can be accessed. This project isn’t only for passage purposes, instead it aims to build a community of all-terrain vehicle users with the hopes of building a camaraderie that would help maintain and mark the trails.

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Along with the establishment of the trail system, the city made an amendment with the ordinance that allows ATVs, golf carts, and other vehicles on public roads. This means that it would eliminate the vague and contradictory elements in the three current ordinances.

The said changes of the ordnance requires that the soon to be street legal vehicles would have seat belts, turn signals, brake lights, windshields, side mirrors, and lastly owners should secure insurance.