Car Accidentally Strays in Opposite Direction on Golf Cart Path in The Villages, FL

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Strayed car on golf cart path

THE VILLAGES, FL – A red car was reported to have been cruising near Colony Cottage Recreation Center on Sunday afternoon, April 8th, when the driver made a wrong turn onto a golf cart path. The red vehicle came from Colony Boulevard and startled golf cart drivers as he was traveling the opposite direction.

One golf cart driver immediately came down from his vehicle and was kind enough to point the misguided car into the parking lot of the recreation center.

There are a lot of unwanted circumstances in the area where golf carts and cars would sometimes mix up their designated road assignment.

One instance of this happening was when a misguided motorist wound up in the multi-modal path near Gilchrist gate. Another one was when a car ended up on a golf cart path at Winn Dixie at Lake Sumter Landing. It was also recorded that a car and golf cart met on the golf cart path near Turtle Mound Executive Golf Course.

However, cars are not the only ones that are making this mistake of driving onto the wrong road. A good number of golf cart drivers have been spotted making their way onto the busy road exclusive to cars. One instance was on Buena Vista Boulevard when a golf cart actually caught the attention of the Sumter County Sheriff.

Golf carts and cars have been reported to make this common mistake often where traversing in a wrong path could sometimes lead to accidents.

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