Club Car Introduces New High-Powered Lithium Ion Onward

They Took A Great Golf Cart And Made It Even Better

It’s safe to say that consumers have embraced Club Car’s innovative design of their prized horse, the Onward. This success has been enhanced by the model’s breakthrough design, multiple available options and choices along with overall quality. Fortunately, Club Car does not believe in the old adage, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, and has created a new version that doesn’t even invite competition. The brand-new Onward HP Li-Ion has re-written the book on performance and reliability. It all centers around the 3.1 lithium-ion battery that was built to automotive standards by partner LG Chem. Here are just a few of the benefits Club Car is offering:

  • The Li-Ion offers the best battery warranty that we’ve seen in the industry – six full years.
  • The battery requires no maintenance…no watering, no cleaning terminals and no checking status or charge, which is all done by the system.
  • The battery is protected by a corrosion-resistant, water-tight case.
  • When climbing hills or accelerating there is no degradation in performance, and with a 4.7 KWH motor and a 375 amp motor controller this cart really moves out.

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If you’ve ever looked at replacing your existing batteries with a lithium, you already know the initial cost is higher, but that investment delivers better performance, longer battery life and a much faster re-charge than a normal lead acid battery. You can get back up to a full charge quickly and run steady and strong for many hours. Additionally, a lithium battery is much lighter than the traditional batteries found in carts, lighter means less weight to haul around and improved performance.

Club Car has partnered with LG Chem, the market leader in automotive lithium battery technology, for the new Li-Ion Onward

Owners like the lithium option because the lead acid option requires much more maintenance, and time spent checking water levels and cleaning terminals is certainly better spent out on the golf course or driving around your community. Club Car feels this is what owners are really seeking, a Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTV) that provides more time for enjoying the experience instead of maintaining it.

Another new feature on the Onward HP Li-Ion is the availability of three programmable driving modes. Select Econ for the lowest use of battery power when driving, Normal for typical use or Sport for when you’d like access to a little extra power and speed. The Onward Li-Ion is now available in two-passenger and four-passenger models and will soon be on the market with a lifted model. Just like the standard Onward, the list of options and choices to personalize your vehicle include almost everything you could want, offering features like custom paint and upholstery, a locking trunk, specially designed wheels and Bluetooth speakers. When you are done making this cart your own, you will be driving a vehicle that truly reflects you and stands out from the crowd.

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When we asked Richard Chapman, Club Car’s consumer marketing manager, to sum up the introduction of the Onward HP Li-Ion, he said this…

“We are excited to launch the new HP Lithium-Ion powered Club Car Onward Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTV) this spring. We designed the HP Lithium-Ion to combine technology and performance and improve the entire PTV experience. Our exclusive LI-Ion technology meets automotive standards and offers best-in-class acceleration, high-performance hill climbing and the industry’s longest battery warranty.”

While that pretty much says it all, you owe it to yourself to test drive this new PTV and come up with your own glowing review.

To learn more about Club Car’s new Onward HP Lithium-Ion, click here.

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