Drunk Villager Damages Landscape and Fence after Crashing Golf Cart

SUMTER COUNTY, FL – Clayton Ludwig Schaefer, 73 year old resident of Village Sabal Chase, was arrested after hitting a fence with his golf cart and destroying landscape owned by Community Development District 6.

Sumter County Sheriff deputies arrived at the scene of the multi-modal path south of Stillwater Trail. This was not too far from Buena Via Boulevard and took place on Saturday, March 24th around 6:37 PM. A woman residing nearby heard the loud crash and saw Schaefer with his wrecked golf cart.

After the golf cart incident, Schaefer was tended to by Sumter EMS personnel and brought to The Villages Regional Hospital. If he did not go to the hospital, then he would have spent the night in the ‘drunk tank’. A ‘drunk tank’ is a custody cell where people are held until sober.

He was medically cleared and released from the hospital. However, Schaefer failed field sobriety tests where he was asked to provide breath samples that resulted with .230 and .238 blood alcohol content. He was put behind bars at the Sumter County Detention Center with a total bond of $2,000. He was also charged with reckless driving.