Garia Debuts Mercedes-Benz Inspired Luxury Golf Cart

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Garia Mercedes Golf Cart

Garia is at it again with the unveiling of their new Mercedes-style golf cart. This premium golf cart is making its debut at the 88th International 2018 Geneva Motor Show and is set to be rolling out in limited edition with a price-tag of around $73,000.

Starting out as a concept back in 2016, Mercedes has been hands-on for 2 years to further the development of this vehicle. Its structure of a sexy golf ball grille, distinctly aggressive LED headlights, lavish technologically with an advanced carbon fiber roof, and handcrafted waterproof stitched leather seats are definitely a symbol of iconic premium aesthetics and high-end quality construction.

A totally groundbreaking advancement is taken in making history to pave way for this golf cart of the future. It allows you to leisurely keep connected and stay on the grid with its touchpad which allows the user to control drive mode, ‘eco’ or ‘sport’, and display information such as range, speed, and power use.

Occupants of the cart can electronically view the scorecard on its 10.1-inch screen, listen to music, or surf the web via smartphone connection utilizing Bluetooth technology. Oh, and did we mention it comes with a built-in refrigerator located under the bench seat? Yeah.

Its small rear spoiler is designed to hold golf bags and a given posh tray for storing golf balls and tees is made available as well.

This dream drive is powered by a 10.42-kilowatt lithium battery pack (200 amp hours), enough to go further at the range of 50 miles and cover 18 holes with ease.

The cart is also uniquely designed with whopping 14-inch aluminum rims featuring a black, five-spoke design with diamond cut elements.

Designed to run like an authentic automobile, its double wishbone suspension, front disk brakes, rear spoiler, and carbon fiber diffuser is more than enough to transport the user to their destination in no time.

The ride is reportedly street legal in the US and EU with a top speed of 25 mph (40 kph). Although only two cars have been shown so far, if demand is high enough, Garia may initiate production and manufacture a series of models to be released on the market.

This golf cart definitely has all the features needed not just travel on the golf course, but also for public road use. What do you think of this Mercedes-styled golf cart? A bogey or a hole-in-one?

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