India-based company, Infosys, builds driverless golf cart

Yes, you read that right. There is now such a thing as driverless golf carts. It’s been reported that India-based company Infosys’s Director, Vishal Sikka, showed up to a media briefing in Bengaluru, India in a driverless golf cart.

The self-driving golf cart was built to train employees on the latest technological developments in emerging fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“The software to drive this cart has been built by us indigenously, together with IIT-Delhi,” he said. “This is an example of the kind of things we are using to teach our employees. We built the autonomous systems in the cart in order to teach our employees to build autonomous driving technology,” he said.

Just like a Tesla, the autonomous golf cart is equipped with an array of sensors to sense its surroundings and, thus, drive itself. The vehicle also comes fitted with advanced control features that enable it to identify road signs, traffic signals, and obstacles.

Maybe this can be the next step in the quest of stopping morons from running their friends over on the golf course.

Chad has been in the golf cart industry for 5+ years utilizing his skills in sales and marketing as well as producing various online platforms for dealers and OEMs. He resides in a golf community in La Quinta, CA where he takes at least one golf cart ride a day around the neighborhood with his family.