Kansas Senate is allowing Golf Carts to be driven at night

new kansas golf cart laws

Kansas Golf Cart Drivers can celebrate a great victory – the Kansas Senate is now allowing golf carts to be driven at night. On Wednesday, Members advanced a bill allowing cities to permit the right to let golf carts be driven on public roads at night as long as they have a slow-moving vehicle and lights comparable to a motorcycle.

Kansas State Law already permits golf carts to be driven between the hours of sunrise and sunset, however under House Bill 2486, those hours would be extended into the night.

Sen. Richard Billinger, R-Goodland, tried to make Liability Insurance mandatory for golf carts driven on the public roads:

“Anything being driven on a street or highway ought to have, at minimum, liability insurance,” Billinger said. “Especially, if we’re talking about driving these things at night.”

… He was denied.

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You can read House Bill 2486 here.

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