Latitude Margaritaville to Incorporate the Use of Golf Carts

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Latitude Drive Margaritaville

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – An adult-active community located on a latitude of paradise is now a real deal for those young at hearts. Inspired by the legendary 60’s songwriter, singer, and best-selling author, Jimmy Buffet, a new, lively, and interactional home for the retired community doesn’t get any better!

Margaritaville isn’t just a recreational and vacation spot, instead it is a home where it provides you with multiple amenities such as those of resorts, vacation clubs or vacation rentals. Get physical and do a light and enjoyable workout at Workin’ and Playin’ Center, indulge in the wide array of products for sale, entertain yourself with the Last Mango Theater, or treat yourself to an all-night, outdoor concert at the band shell in Latitude Town Square.

The said community is about 10 miles from Daytona Beach an is off Interstate 95 and 4 for easier access to Orlando and St. Augustine.

There has been a numerous amount of interest in home investments in this new paradise where a reported 225 homes were already sold before models were open. It is expected to cater around 7,000 homes after a decade.

Minto Communities USA, a Florida based developer in business for 40 years, is a partner of Latitude Margaritaville in house ownership.

To highlight the residential view at Margaritaville, homeowners will be able to use golf carts to get around the community. A partnership with Halifax Health, will provide an onsite professional for health checkups and health education. This is of great convenience to the community when it comes to their transportation.

Getting around would be easier and with the place’s rich amenities, it is expected to stretch bigger so the use of golf carts in this area is of utmost importance.

With all this, Buffet is really driven and passionate when it comes to this business. He made this dream place into a reality with his hard earned earnings while he was still a full-time musician.

As time went by things have gotten bigger for him, “A lot of artists just want to be artists. From that time in Nashville and years on the road traveling and playing, I feel there is no such thing. That was when I steered my ship in the direction of being a live performer. At that point, it is a combination of hard work, talent and a lot of luck that you will need to succeed at anything.” Buffet said.

As a natural born artist, Buffet and his business partner John Cohlan, chief executive of Margaritaville, wanted to showcase a fun community with the touch of music where a live concert will be scheduled five to seven nights a week.

“What better place to enjoy the ‘back nine’ of life than Margaritaville? We think of Latitude Margaritaville a bit like going back to summer camp — where old friends, new friends, family, numerous activities, state-of-the-art amenities, quality food and beverages, and great music come together. Simply put, it’s fun.” Cohlan said.