NFL player, Marshawn Lynch, is back in the game again – but this time he brings the Beast Mode driving a Skittles-wrapped golf cart around a retirement community.

The Oakland California native drove his candy golf cart around the facility introducing the community to the world of Skittles “Sweet Heat”.

Lynch introduced the new “Sweet Heat” Skittles to his new found friends while partaking in the community activities including a nice powerwalk. “Y’all said y’all was over 55, but y’all acting like y’all 15,” he exclaimed as he powerwalked with them before sprinting out.

Surprised by their energy, Lynch was seen beaten at a Pickleball game where he admittedly said that he never heard of the game before and accused a woman of cheating. The woman chuckled in reply, “That’s not cheating. That’s just being better than you.”

The entire senior community sweetly welcomed the unique sweet and spicy candy and gave their reviews of it:

“There’s a kick to it. It’s sweet, and then it sneaks up on you”

“It’s a bite I like it”

“The lady out there said they’re really spicy so I’m doing one at a time”