It’s now funny to run your bro friends over with a golf cart

I guess we now live in a day and age where it’s funny to run over your friends with a close-to 1,000-pound golf cart. Now don’t get me wrong, I love goofing off and enjoying a round of golf with friends and, personally, don’t like playing with people who take the game too seriously, but this is ridiculous.

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The Instagram TotalFratMove is quite into it.


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Let’s just hope nobody breaks a leg.

broken leg golf cart

Welp. Nevermind. At least someone sprinkled some ice on it.

Please, for the sake of my dignity, just stop. Having to write articles like this sucks worse than Bowdo, but unfortunately, my boss makes me do it.

Chad has been in the golf cart industry for 5+ years utilizing his skills in sales and marketing as well as producing various online platforms for dealers and OEMs. He resides in a golf community in La Quinta, CA where he takes at least one golf cart ride a day around the neighborhood with his family.