Richmond, Michigan to Authorize Golf Carts on Public Roads

Richmond Michigan New Golf Cart Laws

RICHMOND, MI – Golf carts are set to be rolling around town as permitted by the city council in a recent meeting where it adopted the Ordinance No. 163 that received positive feedback.

According to the City Mayor, Tom Rix, “I’ve heard nothing but positives on this — people even going out and buying [a golf cart] instead of jumping in their car all the time to go up town or for areas that are much farther to walk to,”

The said legalization will be operational after May 1 that will allow the owners to register their vehicles for free at the city’s police department. All they have to do is present proof of insurance through a homeowners’ policy.

A registration sticker will then be provided for golf cart owners. Requirements will allow the driver to own a registered state license, drive with a speed limit of 15 mph, and the number of riders must not exceed the number of seats in the golf cart.

City Manager, Jon Moore, cited that the alteration of 2015 state law with a population of 30,000 or fewer residents will have the freedom to legalize golf carts with the permission of the legislative body.

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Moore took his concerns to the city’s attorney on how golf carts would journey around the city since they are not allowed on particular state highways with a set speed limit above a certain range. The city’s attorney responded the speed doesn’t matter, for as long as golf carts take the most direct routes.

Mayor Rix applauded City Manager Moore for his exemplary fast action of the ordinance. He stated his approval and favor of golf carts by saying, “It just created an atmosphere that was more neighborhood-like.” He also added that with this ordinance, there could be leverage for parking shortages during city events at parks.