Top 10 Golf Cart Cities in the United States for 2016

Top 10 Golf Cart Cities for 2016

Golf Carts aren’t just for golf courses anymore. People all over the United States now own personal golf carts and use them as their preferred way to travel.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV), Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV), Personal Transport Vehicles (PTV), even some refer to them as Golf Cars – no matter what you call them, they are a fun, safe, and convenient way to get from point A to point B.

People who live in golf cart friendly communities know that they aren’t just a vehicle – owning a golf cart is a lifestyle.

Using a proprietary algorithm,’s staff has compiled a list of the top golf cart cities in the US for 2016.

Take a look and feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below.

10. Bald Head Island, NC

Golf Carts on Bald Head IslandA small and remote island off the coast of North Carolina only accessible by ferry, Bald Head Island has very few automobiles. The primary form of transportation for residents is by golf cart. Unfortunately, that can lead to some interesting situations in 2016:

9. Ocean Reef, Florida

Golf Carts on Ocean ReefLocated in the Florida Keys, Ocean Reef Club was founded in 1948 as a small fishing camp. As more members have joined, the Club has expanded beyond fishing into golf, yachting, tennis, shopping, and fine dining. Golf Carts are the preferred means of transportation on the island. The club even has a rental program for people who arrive and do not own a golf cart. Ocean Reef has probably the most liberal child driver policies in the US: children over 10 can drive with an adult if they pass a “written test” and children over 12 can take a driving test and obtain a golf cart driver’s license if they pass. Our staff is seeking to get a copy of the written test for ten-year-olds since we are certain it must be a rigorous examination. However, there are risks to this policy: “Five 13-year-olds were riding in a golf cart Thursday when it flipped over.”

8. St. Simons Island, GA

Golf Carts on St. SimonsIn addition to being a great place for fishing, golf, dining – St. Simons Island is full of residents and tourists getting around via golf carts. Sea Island Resort is especially golf cart friendly – you can take your family on a tour of the island, to the beach, to check out the sea turtles, even on a birding adventure – all by golf cart! What family wouldn’t love birding on a golf cart?

7. Augusta, GA

Golf Carts In Augusta, GAAlthough Augusta is known for its national golf tournament held every spring, few people realize that the majority of golf carts are manufactured in the greater Augusta area. Both EZ-Go and Club Car are headquartered there. How did both industry leaders end up in the same town? Good question. EZ-Go was started in Augusta in 1954 and was the leader in the industry. In the late 1970s, 8 EZ-Go executives were unhappy with the direction of the company, so they left EZ-Go and purchased a little-known golf car manufacturer named Club Car. Over the next few decades, Club Car grew in popularity. Now EZ-Go and Club Car are the two largest in the golf car industry, with headquarters in the same area code.

6. Charleston, SC

Golf Carts in Charleston, SCLocated in the heart of the Low Country, Charleston is becoming a golf cart mecca. The Greater Charleston area features many developments and islands that are golf cart friendly – including Isle of Palms, Kiawah, Sullivan’s Island, Daniel Island, Johns Island, and Folly Beach. Golf Carts have even become popular in the historic downtown area, where many residents have ditched automobiles and moved to a combination of golf carts for getting around the city and Uber for adventures off the peninsula. An emerging golf car manufacturer, citEcar Electric Vehicles, recently moved their HQ just outside of Charleston and has begun shipping electric vehicles all over the country (and world).

5. Palm Desert, CA

Palm Desert Golf CartsLocated just 14 miles from Palm Springs in the Coachella Valley, Palm Desert is a popular escape for cold weather inhabitants seeking a warmer climate. The population of the city doubles almost every decade, and the number of golf carts around town is growing even faster. In 2016, the Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade celebrated its 54th anniversary. Today, this small town parade is widely considered the world’s largest golf cart parade. Almost 30,000 residents line the street of El Paseo to watch the golf cart floats drive by.

4. Sun City, AZ

Golf Carts in Sun City, AZYou would think that with the oppressive heat in Phoenix, local residents would prefer to be inside a car with the A/C pumping… but many argue it’s not so bad because “it’s a dry heat.” Golf Carts are a way of life in areas around Phoenix, especially retirement communities like Sun City. In August 2014, Sun City passed a new law finally making it legal for golf carts to drive on the local streets after years of discrimination. The influx of golf cart drivers on the road has had mixed reviews (see: Vehicles, golf cars not mixing well on Sun City roads ). We are confident, however, that golf cart drivers will eventually be proven to be on the right side of history.

3. Myrtle Beach, SC

Golf Carts on Myrtle Beach, SCKnown more for golf courses and strip clubs, Myrtle Beach also has a vibrant off-course, off-strip club, golf cart ecosystem. Most of the residential golf course communities are set up for locals to use their own golf carts to play golf and even to get around the community. Golf carts are popular for taking the kids to the beach – and many beaches have golf cart only parking spaces making life easy for golf cart owners.

2. Peachtree City, GA

Golf Carts in Peachtree City, GAPeachtree City, GA features over 90 miles of golf cart paths for residents to safely and quickly get around town. Over 9000 households have at least one golf cart, but many have 2 or more. Businesses around town have ample golf cart parking spaces. Even the local high schools encourage students to drive golf carts to school to make parking a breeze. Twelve-year-olds are allowed to drive golf carts with adult supervision, and fifteen-year-olds are allowed to drive own their own!

1. The Villages, FL

Golf Carts at The VillagesLocated in the heart of central Florida, The Villages is a master-planned age-restricted retirement community. It is best defined as a year-round summer camp for seniors 55 and older. The development was designed with the goal of making golf carts the primary mode of transportation. It is estimated that there are over 65,000 golf carts roaming the streets. The community features tunnels and bridges and under/over intersections, so golf cart drivers don’t have to worry about fighting cars at intersections. Golf carts are so popular that the owners of the communities have their own dealerships located inside the gates: The Villages Golf Cars.