Tours Happening: Sightsee Dayton, Oregon in a Golf Cart

Dayton Oregon Golf Cart tour

Have a fun experience seeing the sights, rich culture, and lifestyle in Dayton, Oregon with this fun city tour offered via a golf cart. With the diversity of Dayton, you are definitely going to delve into and experience both its history and economic development over the years that has made Dayton as great as it is today.

Starting from the city’s most historic neighbor, Oregon District, the tour will make way to its next destination, 2nd Street Market, where the best arts & craft and other homemade treats are found.

Watch and enjoy the wonders of the breathtaking urban development that can only be seen at Levitt Pavilion and RiverScape. Indulge yourself with the scrumptious food in the best restaurants. Also, you’ll be able to be one of the locals in this city as you spoil yourself with the different shops and entertaining attractions.

In addition, on the tour, you will build camaraderie with the students of the University of Dayton, visit the one of a kind lush green lawn and white gazebo of Patterson Homestead, and conclude the day by paying tribute to the city leaders at Woodland Cemetery.

All of this is made possible with the help of Touring Carts, a company owned by John Meixner of Bellrock, CEO of Netdemic (a technical support company), together with his two sons, Aaron (age 15) and Alex (age 14).

He thought of introducing his kids to business as early as possible and this has been one way of getting them started. “There’s a lot of people who live here who don’t know about the history, when you know where your roots come from it explains where you are today. That knowledge makes you look at the city differently and makes you want to invest more in it”, says Meixner.

The tour will be two hours every Saturday at Oregon District Parking Lot, 315 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45402, USA, with a speed of 20-25 mph and will cost $25 per person.

Enjoy Dayton, Oregon in the best way possible via an open-aired golf cart!

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