The World’s Most Expensive Golf Cart?

At the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL, Garia Luxury Golf Cars proudly displayed the Mansonry Prism Golf Cart – with an extra special price tag of $69,000! This is our introduction to the World of Luxurious Golf Carts for the Rich and Famous…

The luxurious golf car was a collaboration between Masonry Design and Garia, and it is the fastest and lightest (and presumably the most expensive) golf cart Garia has ever made.

This unique blend of performance and luxury design has a top speed of 60 km/hr (or 37 mph). It only takes 2 seconds to accelerate to 25 mph. Talk about getting an accelerated rush! The key to the tremendous acceleration is the new Samsung Lithium Batteries and an upgraded performance based Curtis Controller. Garia also chopped off about 150 lbs from their normal golf car which helps make this their lightest golf car on the market.

Although the normal retail price is $69,999 – the demo model featured in our video is priced to sell at $59,999! So don’t hesitate – it could be gone soon!

Interested- be sure to visit your nearest Garia Golf Car Dealer.