Flowery Branch, GA Studies Whether to allow Golf Carts on Roads

Photo Credit: wikimedia.org

Flowery Branch, GA new golf cart laws

FLOWERY BRANCH, GA – Flowery Branch City Council approved a study on Thursday, June 7, to decide if golf cart use in Flowery Branch should be allowed.

After an hour-long discussion from many of the residents of Sterling on the Lake subdivision.

The city hired a firm for $12,360 to study where golf carts could travel.

According to a city presentation a proposed ordinance would, “Establish requirements for their use on city roads, such as vehicle operation, occupants, hazardous activities and registration”.” They also believe the ordinance will “have an additional financial impact due to the cost of signage and roadway markings.”


City Attorney Ron Bennett told the council that in order to operate a golf cart, “it has to be allowed by local ordinance. If the council does not pass a local ordinance that does not allow operation on public streets, it would not be legal.”

Obviously we hope we don’t see any golf carts on your local highway, but many other states have made it legal for golf carts to drive on 25-mph-and-under roads, which seems convenient! Just like you occasionally see go-karts driving on the side roads next to subdivisions, why not add golf carts as well?