Golf Carts OK’d for SweetBay Community in Panama City, FL

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According to the Panama City News Herald, neighborhoods and subdivisions have been receiving approval for golf carts in their residencies.

Tuesday, at the request of the residents, the Panama City Commission made SweetBay the city’s third golf cart-friendly neighborhood, along with Millville and Cove.

Commissioner Billy Rader, who is a representative for the new community stated, “It’s about what people enjoy. They enjoy walking. They enjoy riding bikes, and they enjoy golf carts. It just makes sense to do this.”

Holly Pituch, also a SweetBay spokeswoman, agrees with Radar stating “it just adds to that open community feel. People can get around and still interact with each other. It is just a nicer, more personal way to get around.”

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The subdivision now has more than your typical neighborhood features. Besides the recently approved usage of golf carts, the subdivision also has a boathouse, charter school, pool, miles of coastline and trails, parks and over 142 homes sold. Eventually the community is looking to expand adding a town center with some retail.

SweetBay is looking to create a taste of fancy neighborhood, but more affordable and less touristy.

“We want this to be a place with a lifestyle where you know your neighbors, interact with nature and have a nice location within the city. It’s the connectivity. We really like to say it’s a place to be connected to what matters,” Pituch stated.