The Villages’ Fast Growing Churches to Incorporate Low-Speed Golf Carts within the Community

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The Villages, Florida has been making remarkable growth with their places of worship. So much so that it has paved the way for a golf-cart accessible community. The demand for spiritual strengthening of the people around this area has been growing and the use of golf carts to traverse around the community is one of their greatest assets in The Villages.

One example of the current growth and expansion of these worship buildings include the New Covenant United Methodist Church. The Village of Summerhill church is another place of worship. Members or congregants can use a golf cart to go the Eisenhower Recreation center, an expanded service made for church members who live south of County Road 466A. The ongoing expansion of these churches with more than 2,000 congregants will benefit from a golf cart accessible location near the Villages.

Every Saturday and Sunday, parishioners and church members gather around the nearly three dozen places of worship within the premises of the Villages. With this great number of churches, temples, and synagogues, it would be difficult to journey around the area by foot. It would also inconvenient to use cars due to congested traffic conditions it can cause. However, with the use of safe golf carts, church members and parishioners would be of their utmost comfort journeying around the area, hopping from one place to another.

Golf cart accessibility in this community is very important. As simple as allowing church members to travel by golf cart to their respective place of worship without being late for service is a smart move by a variety of places of worship.