Yamaha celebrates 30 years of United States Manufacturing in Newnan, GA

Yamaha 30 Years of United States Manufacturing

On Friday, June 7th, Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America celebrated 30 years of manufacturing in Newnan, GA.

More than 1,500 of the 3,400 employees are directly employed at its YMMC factory in Newnan. Special guests who helped represent the company also came to Newnan to thank the employees.

Hundreds of employees were celebrated by Yamaha at this special event. There are 44 original employees, Ken Elerbee being one of them. Elerbee was only 24 years old when he began his journey with Yamaha. Elerbee commented, “sometimes it seems like a long time ago since we started, but most of the memories feel like yesterday.” Elerbee also added, “ we make the best products by the best people, we are just getting started!”

Throughout the 30 years YMMC has produced more than 3.5 million vehicles.

Dwayne Brook, who began working at YMMC when he we just 19 years old also spoke about his employment with YMMC, stating, “This company has given me excellent opportunity. I started in the assembly line, and now I am all the way in management. It has provided for my family. Also all the things we have done for the community I enjoy.”


Over the past 15 years, Yamaha has invested more than $354 million to create and maintain a 1,355,00- square-foot facility in Newnan.

It seems with the money, time and passion invested into this company they deserve this 30 year celebration. According to YMMC President Mike Chrzanowski, “There’s been over 3,800 people who have worked tirelessly at YMMC in the past 30 years, plus the 1,500 of you today.”

“I work for YMMC,” Chrzanowski states, “and YMMC does not move forward without any of the employees.”

“I am so proud to be your president and to be part of a team that strives to maintain the unique aspects of why YMMC will continue to strive for another 30 years,” said Chrzanowski.